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LET’S SLAY – 2021!

LET’S SLAY – 2021!





Day one of 2021…. what do you have in store?



SO many things I’m sure, but first things first, I need to get something off my chest! So let’s get real…straight up outta the gate, shall we?! 



I have, in the past, struggled ridiculously hard with the concept of using social media platforms to market myself and my business. I’ve always had a major block around it. I am utterly hopeless at being consistent with posts, which of course, is an integral part of making sure the “algorithm” works for you. The ways of social media have always eluded me. I always feel like I’m one step behind everything, ALL.THE.TIME! I never seem to be able to keep my finger on the pulse.  Please tell me I’m not the only one the feels the pressure to be “ON” constantly?? It’s exhausting…or is it just me??


So here’s the thing… what I came to realise after doing a lot of internal work last year, is this, while these platforms are a great way to showcase my work, there are a few reasons why I struggle so much with posting on my socials. It’s not because I have trouble communicating or writing about my feelings (clearly from my long rants and ramblings..that’s not an issue….lol).


The truth be told, it was my fear of stepping out from behind the veil and the safety of my work and to be seen….. as me, a simple human just doing her thing! I mean..there’s nothing much that is surprising about me but I was brought up to believe that talking about yourself and your achievements…well that kinda thing was just being purely boastful! It took a while to wrap my head around this, but I now know the difference between that and sharing things about myself so folks can get to know me! Being your authentic self isn’t being boastful (for me at least), so why am I so afraid to share things about myself?  Like, WHO am I? WHAT is important to me? Or WHY working with me would be beneficial to my potential clients? While I can tell each of my clients these things when we meet for the first time, now I understand that by holding back parts of myself from my social media presence, I am probably not reaching those folks who don’t actually know me…but who may potentially LIKE to work with me. How can they trust getting practically naked and vulnerable with someone they don’t know? Ummm…….they can’t!  That’s when the switch finally flipped and that lightbulb moment happened…you know…the one that tells you, OMG you’re looking at this all the wrong way! 


You see, It isn’t about putting my work out there and it being judged. I know and understand that art is subjective and everyone will see or be drawn to different styles. What truly blocks me from showing folks parts of my authentic self is…….ME!!! I just needed to get out of my own damn way.  I do, in fact, believe I have interesting stories and experiences to share and that it’s ok to share them without coming off as some kind of “boastful douche!”. I’ve also never been great at showing my insecurities and vulnerabilities to a wider audience (these are usually reserved for close friends or family only), so the idea of being ok to share those vulnerabilities with folks I don’t know, well….it scares the shit outta me…but you know what…I’m willing to give it a try!


As a business owner, I have always put certain expectations on myself as a way to measure my business goals, achievements, and success. I set myself high goals to achieve but sometimes, the reasons for those maybe a little misguided. Sometimes the desire to reach them is driven by the need for approval, acceptance, or acknowledgment from my peers, colleagues, or even my community as a whole. I’ve come to figure out recently though, that placing these types of expectations on myself and that putting all my energy and self-worth into such things may not be the best path to follow.


I mean…what did I think would happen if people realised that I don’t have my shit together all of the time?? What would the outcome from that be?



NOTHING….nothing at all!



Coming out of 2020, I realised it’s ok that I am not on-the-ball or a completely put-together entrepreneur 24/7 (I guess I can thank Covid for that one!) and that it’s OK to be honest about it because you know what? No one TRULY has their shit together 100% of the time!



There! FUCK! I said it! It sure feels good to let that out!



Thanks to the wise words of my dear friend @Teri Hofford, the fear of me not “showing up” for my clients and potential customers (on my socials or otherwise), far outweighs the fear of my own ideas and perceptions of what people will think of me.



So what if I fuck shit up…it’s bound to happen…I’m only human! 😉



So 2021…bring what you’ve got…I’m ready to dive in feet first and do my best to connect and create with my community and followers. This is me.. holding myself accountable to do the things that make me feel uncomfortable, but I’m going to do it anyway!



Here’s to new beginnings and y’all seeing me around these parts more!!! Peace out friends! ✌?

Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome” – BRENE BROWN
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