ADIOS 2020 - IT'S SURE BEEN .... SOMETHING?! - The Boudoir Lounge
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Well…what a year it’s been…. huh? ⁠


⁠I’m a pretty positive and optimistic human…BUT I’ve gotta say…this year has taken its toll…..not just mentally and physically but most certainly …. emotionally!



I’m not one who likes to dwell long in the past, I like to keep things moving forward. But looking back at this past year, there have been countless moments, when I have truly felt like just giving up. That feeling of being stuck! Stuck in my own head, stuck in my home, not being able to work (thanks Covid!) yet still trying to work out how the universe could be so unrelenting and so intent on making life and each damn day, just that little bit more difficult.



With so many lowlights, it’s been hard to even comprehend it all, and suffering the Covid blues became a REAL thing. Serious burnout and exhaustion raised their ugly heads for me this year. I have never experienced anything quite like it before. I’m being honest when I say, I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around some of it! For real!



Am I fucking thrilled to see the ass-end of this year (pun totally intended!)… HELL YES I am!!



Hey, 2020….don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Just sayin’! ?



BUT….do you wanna know something else? What this year has shown and taught me is resilience! The desire, determination, and perseverance to just keep on going, even when everything around me seemed to be falling apart. Despite the adversities, trials, and tribulations, I’m thankful to say I’m still here and SO full of gratitude that, thus far, my business has managed to survive this global pandemic and that I still have the most incredible clients in the world, who have continued to support myself and my business through it all!! ❤



We’ve all seen our fair share of ups and downs this year, but nothing has quite put things into perspective for me more than realising just how important my business and clients are to me along with the support of my community, friends, and colleagues, and of course, my incredible family! I couldn’t have kept going if it wasn’t for all of you folks.



So as we flip the bird at 2020 I look ahead with inspiration and optimism at what’s to come. Time to hit the reset button HARD and take 2021 head-on like a BOSS!!



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