ROB - CAMP DO MORE - 2019 - The Boudoir Lounge
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When I asked Rob Woodcox if he would step in front of my lens for me at Camp Do More last month, I never thought he would reply with a straight up…….UM…… YEEEES PLEASE!!

At that moment, my heart started to pound and my mind was racing, thinking, “How the hell am I going to photograph this incredibly talented human?” I mean, his work is incredible and 110% EPIC in nature. I am a huge admirer of Rob’s work and now that he had agreed to be photographed by me, all I could think was, WTF do I do? It’s like my brain stopped functioning and suddenly, “Imposter Syndrome” hit hard (and never felt so damn real!). For those who don’t know, Imposter Syndrome is something a person can feel when placed in a situation with peers or colleagues, where you doubt your own capabilities or accomplishments. It’s a consistent internalised fear that somehow, you are being fraudulent in your abilities. It often rears it’s ugly head, when we work closely with others in our profession and in my case, when working with amazing creatives like Rob. It was at this particular moment, I definitely knew, I was not exempt from having these types of feelings too.

We had planned an evening shoot after dinner one night and when I saw Rob in the Mess hall with his hair set in clips and curls for our shoot, I swallowed hard trying not to choke on my food and thought to myself…It’s OK….YOU GOT THIS GIRL! We set out to my cabin to do some intimate portraits and all I can say is, I’m so glad that I pushed those ridiculous, anxious ridden thoughts aside! Rob was an utter delight to work with (which of course, is absolutely no surprise). He is an amazing human! We started the shoot slowly with some ideas of what I would like to see. My focus, to capture his vulnerability. Ultimately, Rob’s experience as a world class photographer, translated just as I thought it would. He knew what he was doing on the other side of the camera and moved with such ease. A sigh of relief came over me, knowing that if nothing else, I would at least get a few great portraits of him.

I was thrilled to find, that I actually got MANY wonderful images of Rob, just the way I was hoping to capture him. I loved that we were able to connect in the same way that I do with all my clients. We laughed, joked and enjoyed chatting about life and art. Our excitement of what was still to come for the rest of our time at Camp was evident in our conversations. Once we had finished our shoot together, I had that feeling like we had know one another forever and that our newly formed friendship, was just the beginning.

I’m ecstatic that I will be standing along side him and many other talented photographers at Camp Do More 2020 as a fellow Educator next year. I am so thrilled that he said yes to me photographing him and so proud of myself for not letting my internal dialogue stop me from creating and making beautiful art of this beautiful human. Sure, it’s a big deal when you get to photograph someone who’s work you have admired for many years! And yes….even us photographers can FANGIRL hard too! But I also realised, that no matter how hard Imposter Syndrome may hit me from time to time, I just have to turn those incessant voices off and know my own worth as an artist too!

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