The Boudoir Lounge | Is That Really Me?
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Is That Really Me?

Have you ever felt like maybe you just weren’t enough?

That no matter what you do, you just don’t seem like you “cut it”.  Sadly,  the stunning woman you see here, had felt this a lot in the months leading up to our session together. Despite the fact that she is an extremely hardworking, an amazing mother of two and an incredibly supportive wife to her loving husband, for whatever reason, Mrs. J just couldn’t see all these amazing qualities (and many others)  in herself. She spoke very openly about her feelings and freely admitted that she suffered from a huge lack of self confidence. On our initial meeting together, straight away I saw a beautiful, kind and caring woman, but was sadden by the fact that she truly believed she just wasn’t good enough, in so many areas in her life.  I vowed right then and there, that after her session, she would see ALL her beautiful attributes, both physically and otherwise and that she would walk out of my studio a more confident and fierce woman than she ever imagined she could be. You slayed it Miss J!


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